Frequently Asked Questions

On your estimate, there is an estimated number of hours it will take to make the repair. Divide that number by 5 to estimate how many days the work will take. If we find additional damage, it may extend that time. We will contact you if any additional time is needed.

It's important to ask your friends and look at repairs the shop did to their cars. Ask the shop to see some of their work. Ask if their employees are i-Car and paint certified. Ask if they do customer satisfaction indexing. If so, ask to see their scores. This will include comments other customers have made about them and their percentage of customers satisfaction.

We will let the insurance company know there is additional damage and get their approval to do the additional work. We may need to send the insurance company pictures and invoices. If it's a large supplement to the original estimate the insurance company may send an adjuster to look at your vehicle. We will notify you if your vehicle needs to be in the shop longer than expected.

A reputable body shop will be able to work with ANY insurance company. They will contact the insurance company for you, call the adjuster AND try to make the process a little easier for you.

Your initial estimate will have general information including your name, address, phone number, insurance information, and claim number. It will also have the required parts list and repairs needed to fix your car, plus the amount of time you can expect your car to be in the shop.

No. It's your car, it's your right to choose the repair shop who fixes it.

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You can call, email or stop by our office personally. No appointment necessary.